Career Life Coaching

Personalized for you.

Assessment/Goal Setting

Individualized assessments increase your understanding of your main strengths and key motivators to help you clarify your true path.


Use effective resources and methods to identify your best opportunities. Learn how to communicate with current and new contacts to expand your network.

Your Marketing Tools

Develop effective communication pieces including resume, bio, letters, LinkedIn profile, website, brochures, etc.


Apply new skills and techniques to the hiring process.

Paul can help you answer these three important questions.

  • Who am I?
  • Where am I going?
  • How will I get there?

If your answers are unclear, you’re in a lot of good company. Paul’s unique assessment and goal-setting approach will guide you on your path to a more fulfilled life. Traditional testing often uses a cookie-cutter technique that artificially fits people into over-simplified categories. Paul’s focus is to identify each individual’s unique strengths and priorities. Paul’s approach reflects the needs of each client and doesn’t rely on commonly used test batteries. His proven process leads you through assessment and goal-setting; research and networking; developing your personal marketing strategy and message; plus interviewing and negotiation skills.

Start on your true path today.