Paul Unks

Paul Unks helps people to achieve greater satisfaction and effectiveness in their professional and personal lives. As an expert in career development, he has helped thousands of individuals identify their best career options and opportunities, manage stress and health, communicate more effectively and work better in teams. His strong background in organizational development has helped numerous companies realize how their businesses improve when they facilitate the development of their staff and leaders.

Working one-on-one or with a group, Paul’s goal is the same – to help people discover and reach their full potential as individuals and key contributors to their organization. He encourages people to participate, ask questions and share experiences.

“My hope is that people will get inspired and stretch outside their normal way of thinking in order to acquire knowledge and skills they need to be more successful. And have fun in the process!”

Paul received the top training and development award in the nation, the first Gold Award for Keeping America Working, from the president of the United States for designing and delivering a comprehensive professional development program for IBM.

What makes Paul’s approach unique and effective?


Paul’s holistic approach focuses on the inter-related aspects of each client, ensuring a complete balanced picture is achieved. Years of experience have taught him that when you integrate your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual elements, you are more likely to be fulfilled in your endeavors.


Programs tailored to specific needs are Paul’s specialty. Whether one-on-one or in front of a large group, the message and approach meets the needs of the audience.

Non-traditional Assessment

Traditional assessments oversimplify people and miss many indicators that can be key in helping determine the best path. Paul has developed an approach that guides his clients to more fulfilling lives while achieving their goals.